City of Yukon Ambulance Membership Program

The open enrollment period for CareNet is now OPEN for Citizens of Yukon who either could not or elected to opt out of the Utility Program. If you are a new citizen in the City limits of Yukon you are eligible to apply for a membership. You must apply within 45 days of moving within the city limits. Contact our office at (844) 498-6471 to apply for membership.

If you are ready to purchase a membership please click the link below. You will have multiple payment options utilizing the form including:

  • Pay Online
  • Pay by Phone
  • Pay by Check

While the transaction is protected by industry standard security we recommend that you open a protected browser for your safety before clicking the link.


If you have questions about your membership please contact us by one of the methods below.

Please Call us at (844) 498-6471 or 

​What is CareNet

Samaritan EMS CareNet is an ambulance membership program. This membership provides for the prepayment of co-payments and for all squalified medically necessary emergency ambulance services for which the patient has financial responsibility. CareNet also provides a reduced fee for non-emergency transports that are not covered by insurance or Medicare. 

CareNet is not an insurance supplement or policy.

What is CareNet

Cost of an annual membership is 43.80 per year for a single-family household. One membership will cover an entire household up to five individuals. Households with more than 5 individuals will require additional membership(s).

Special Circumstances

  • Residents of group homes, apartment homes, nursing and convalescent homes, section living facilities and similar multi-resident facilities are required to sign up each resident separately, and a separate membership cost will be assessed to each resident.
  • Individuals who currently pay for ambulance services through your community’s utility bill do not require a CareNet Membership.
  • Individuals who have Medicaid/Soonercare Benefits do not require a CareNet Membership

​How are Benefits Applied

Samaritan EMS CareNet benefits are applied to qualifying emergency and non-emergency transports in the Samaritan EMS response area.

Emergency transports are fully covered if Medicare or insurance provides benefits for the transport, and the transport qualifies under their guidelines.

If Medicare, health insurance or any other third-party denies benefits for a non-emergency transport, the CareNet member will receive a 40% discount off the standard non-emergency fee. A physician must sign a Medical Necessity Certificate for non-emergency transport to be considered.

See agreement for full details.


​​Excluded Services

CareNet members must present a completed Certificate of Medical Necessity to receive benefits for non-emergency transports.  CareNet provides no coverage for non-emergency transport without a Certificate of Medical Necessity.  Certificates must be completed by the patient’s physician.  Transport to the doctor’s office, dentist office, physical therapy centers, pharmacies and return trips to home are NOT covered2 by CareNet as these types of transportation are routinely not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and other third-party health insurance providers.

Individuals in our Yukon, Oklahoma area of operation, who pay for ambulance services through the City of Yukon’s utility bill do not qualify unless you opt-out of the City’s Utility Assessment Ambulance Subscription program, as you are already covered under the same CareNet conditions and requirements.  In the event that Samaritan EMS serves one of these individuals, proof of utility bill assessment will be required.

CareNet does not apply to ambulance services provided by any other ambulance service provider except under certain limited circumstances.

If you move out of the Samaritan EMS coverage area, your membership fee is non-refundable.

If your insurance company pays you directly for the services provided by Samaritan EMS, you are required to reimburse Samaritan EMS the full reimbursement amount.  If you fail to do so, your membership will be cancelled, the membership fee is non-refundable, and we will seek full payment from you.

2This list may not be all inclusive.  Other similar destinations may also not qualify.