An Emergency Medical Service For Your Community

SAMARITAN EMS CORPORATE OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED November 28th and 29th in observance of Thanksgiving. On December 24th and 25th we will be closed in observance of Christmas. On December 31st and January 1st we will be closed in observance of New Years. Samaritan would like to wish a happy holiday season to our communities. Happy Holidays!

Samaritan provides Paramedic Level Advanced Life Support Services to several communities. All of our ambulances are staffed by licensed Paramedics.

Our communities rely on our predictable response times which are in turn reliably compliant with our contracts. We believe in and demonstrate transparency in our business dealings with our communities to assure that the trust placed in us is not violated.  Most of our communities experience average response times of less than 10 minutes.

We are always interested in discussing service options with communities who are searching for solutions to meet their Emergency Medical Services Needs.

Non Emergency and Long Distance Transports

Samaritan EMS provides Non-Emergency and Long Distance Transfer Services from Oklahoma to anywhere in the continental United States. We can also typically pick up patients from anywhere in the continental United States and transport them to Oklahoma.

For Non Emergency Transfer Services that are greater than 100 miles we typically ask for 24-48 hour notice to ensure we have an ambulance crew that is well rested and dedicated to the trip to prevent disruption of 911 operations.

If you would like to book a Non Emergency Transport please call (844) 498-6471

Special Event Services

Our service that we provide to special events is unmatched. If you are a non profit civic or social group in one of our communities and you require stand-by or special event services, we often are able to provide services at no charge. We typically cover events such as high school football games, city parades and other social gatherings.

If you are a for profit venture and will have attendance larger than 2500 attendees it is important to consider emergency medical services in your plan. It is more affordable than you might think and definitely worth the piece of mind having an Ambulance staffed with trained paramedics present during your event hours.

If you have a Special Event and would like more information or a formal quote please contact us at (844) 498-6471 or use one of the option on our

People Matter, People are the central reason why we exist. How they feel about the service we provide is central to our core principles.

Many communities already have an Ambulance Service Provider but they feel like it could be better. We have heard from a number of communities that experience problems like:

  • Indifference to customer feelings and opinions
  • Long or slow response times
  • Lack of transparency in business dealings
  • Inconsistent delivery of care
  • Poor community relationships

At Samaritan EMS we are different. We do not offer a one size fits all solution. We spend time to get to know the people and civic leaders in each community. We then design a custom system to meet the needs of that community and we produce those results.

It is our Customer first approach and our commitment to excellent customer service that differentiates us from so many other providers. It is also this same approach that drives us to achieve other performance results, including:

  • Best in Class Customer Service
  • Excellent Community Relationships
  • Outstanding Transparency and Accountability to the Community and its leadership
  • Reliable delivery of services as contractually required
  • A real and legitimate relationship with the community that is respectful of that communities identity

We are not the biggest or perhaps the best ambulance service out there but we are proud of the results that we have achieved thus far and we know that we provide a high quality, community centric and cost effective solution.

Need More Information…

We are ready to answer any questions of concerns that you may have. Whether you are an existing citizen of a community we serve or you are interested in becoming one of our communities please do not hesitate to CONTACT US